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Digitally Enhanced Volume Two, Mixed by Will Holland
Will Holland
DS-R Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 1, 2022

Following on from the critically acclaimed debut and the equally large Masters Series compilation, Will Holland serves up the next instalment of the Digitally Enhanced series, again featuring 100% Enhanced material... both fresh and exclusive, plus the favourite recent releases from the past few months.

Will Holland has held residencies for three of the largest clubs in the UK; Gatecrasher, Wildchild and Digital Society, and along with four international radio shows, Will Holland is one of the UK's leading trance DJ/ Producer's with a plethora of bookings for UK and international events. As a producer Will has had success on many of the leading labels and his productions regularly feature in the sets of the world's leading dj's. A long term music obsessive, Will launched Enhanced at the start of 2005 with a quest to release the music he loved. Three sub-labels and over fourty five releases later, the label that has 'gained a lot of respect in a short space of time' (I-DT Magazine, NL) has been making 'a good case for its position at the head of the UK trance table' (Mixmag).

Disc one features the lush progressive grooves that the Enhanced Progressive offshoot has become famed for. With stand out tracks from Jan Johnston, Bakke & Joni and Elsa Hill, plus exclusive unreleased material from Deepwide, JPL and Soliquid, this disc has everything you want from a chilled trance / warm up set.

Disc two turns up the heat with the best in Enhanced trance; beautiful melodies, driving basslines and soaring leads. Featuring huge releases from Temple One, Estiva and Anhken, plus 3 exclusive tracks from Will Holland and a whole host of unreleased material.

Already picked out by Mixmag as their forthcoming 'Compilation of the Month', this again looks to be the must have compilation of the autumn.


Will Holland - Digitally Enhanced Volume 2 [Enhanced]

Effortless showcase of prog and euphoric trance

Will Holland's excellent Digitally Enhanced Volume 1 compilation was released in 2006, and its bigroom prog vibe has made it a staple on the soundsystems of clubbers ever since. The follow up does not disappoint... the balanced and grown-up sound of this double album is testament not only to the talent and experience of label captain Will Holland, but the pronounced vein of quality that runs through Enhanced like Brighton through rock. Track after track that you will covet, or I'm a Dutchman.


Track List


  1. MoodFreak - Far From You (Original Mix)

  2. MoodFreak - In Your Face (Original Mix)

  3. 2Spaces feat. Victor Ginner - Into The Air (Soliquid Remix)

  4. Jan Johnston meets Jussi Soro - Merge (MoodFreak Remix)

  5. Sequentia - Eclipse (MoodFreak Remix)

  6. Bakke & Joni - Envision (Kris O'Neil & Simon Gain Remix)

  7. Alex Pich & Dmitri Federov - Drops On The Moon (Allende Remix)

  8. Elsa Hill - Lost (Ilya Malyuev Remix)

  9. Deepwide feat. Josh Money - Take Me In (Adymus Remix)

  10. Hawk pres Air Breeze - Butterfly (Original Mix)

  11. Evave - To The Stars (Adymus Remix)

  12. Michael Badal feat. Tiff Lacey - Don't Be Afraid (Maarten Hercules Remix)

  13. Hodel & Hornblad - Hydrogen (Sundriver Remix)

  14. JPL - Linger (Original Mix)

  15. Sasha Virus - 2gether We Are (Sindre Eide Remix)


  1. Anhken - If Not Me (Original Mix)

  2. Sindre Eide - Only When I Sleep (Estiva Tech Remix)

  3. Estiva - Strawberry Fields (Original Mix)

  4. Supuer - Minerva (Elevation Remix)

  5. Motionchild & Will Holland feat Tiff Lacey - Arctic Kiss (Original Mix)

  6. Temple One - Meridian (Original Mix)

  7. Adymus - Kaleidoscope Eyes (Original Mix)

  8. Hodel & Hornblad - Hydrogen (Original Mix)

  9. Redstar - Awakening (Original Mix)

  10. Elsa Hill - Lost (Temple One Remix)

  11. Tim Preijers - Glazed Eyes (Sequentia Club Remix)

  12. A.M.R - As Time Goes By (Original Mix)

  13. Temple One - World Beyond (Original Mix)

  14. Will Holland feat. Line Froyset - Things That Happen (Joe Garrett's Temple One Remix)

  15. Will Holland feat. Yana Kay - Tears In The Rain (Alex M.O.R.P.H b2b Woody van Eyden Remix)

Will Holland

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