Tritonal - U & ME [CD] [Signed] [Album]

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Tritonal - U & ME [CD] [Signed] [Album]

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Tritonal - U & ME [CD] [Signed] [Album]

Tritonal have been one of the most prominent acts on the electronic dance music scene for over a decade, but 2019 is shaping up to be their most monumental year to date. With their third studio album U & ME on the horizon, the Austin based team of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed have tantalized fans with recent releases “Love U Right,” U Found Me,” “Gonna Be Alright,” “When I’m With U,” “Easy,” “Hard Pass” and “Diamonds.”


  1. Little By Little feat. Lourdiz
  2. Bloom
  3. U Found Me
  4. Out My Mind feat. Riley Clemmons
  5. Ready with Sultan + Shepard feat. Zack Sorgen
  6. When I’m With U feat. Maia Wright
  7. Leaving Here Alone with Matluck & Karra
  8. Hard Pass with Ryann
  9. Little Bit Of Love feat. Rachel Platten
  10. Love U Right feat. Lourdiz
  11. Medicine with LEVV
  12. Quit U
  13. Just Like U feat. Meron Ryan
  14. Real with Evalyn
  15. Diamonds with Rosie Darling
  16. Show You Love with Shanahan
  17. Easy with Kapera feat. Ryann
  18. Gonna Be Alright feat. Mozella
  19. Ayana with Nick Sibicky



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